What's new in our compounding lab?
Posted by: Appin Compounding Pharmacy

Posted on 06 September 2016

The efficacy of any formulation is directly related to its preparation. At Appin Compounding Pharmacy we invest in the latest state of the art equipment to ensure that your medications are compounded to the highest standards.  We utilise only the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and provide ongoing training to our pharmacists and technicians.

The Evolution in Mixing Technology

Traditional mixing methods (i.e. Mortar and Pestle) can sometimes pose a risk of exposure to chemicals, require long mixing times, and are prone to variability. The PCCA RAM is a groundbreaking machine that uses low-frequency, high-intensity acoustic energy combined with high acceleration (G-forces) to rapidly, thoroughly and accurately mix powders. Resonant acoustic mixing (RAM) ensures an even distribution of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) with repeatable results from mix to mix. It removes the human element from traditional mixing where potency results can be inconsistent depending on the pharmacist or technician’s mixing techniques.

The PCCA RAM significantly reduces mixing time, commonly to two or three minutes (or less), reduces the risk of exposure to chemicals, and requires no cleanup or mixing by hand. RAM technology is standard technology in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and compared to high-speed mixers, it generates very little heat.


Reference: http://www.pccarx.com.au/products/pcca-exclusives/equipment/ram

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